Finally Have an Ipad to Test!

The first few weeks of this semester i spent my time learning CSS and Basic HTML because i thought my role was going to be to design the homepage. I was very unfamiliar with this sort of code and i did not want to let me classmates down with a terrible homepage. Thankfully Joe presented and his version of the site was 10X better than what i had come up with. This had made me feel like i wasn’t contributing enough to the group because my version of the home page would not be used.

Now i am part of the testing group. Today for the first time i rented out the Ipad from the CS department and started using our “alpha” version of the App.

We are slowly making progress, but in my opinion we are only one feature away from being able to give a working version to the WAM. Currently the Mouse/Swipe does not work with our interactive(Paint, Puzzle) apps. In my opinion these two apps are the most prone to error/bugs and it should be priority to get this feature working so we can get testing.


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