It has definitly been a productive few weeks for our entire team. I had a lot of fun testing out both Beto and Jasons version of the coloring App. I felt bad last week when Tim said he wanted to use Betos version, because i knew how much time Jason put into his version. Thankfully they managed to merge their versions together to make an awesome coloring app.

As for doing testing on the app itself has been fairly productive. I was testing Jasons coloring app and there was an issue that would occur when you tried to change colors/paint brush size. It would highlight the new brush size/mode but it would not actually change on the app. This would only happen if you did it really fast. He was talking about just leaving it and adding a delay timer when a button is selected, but he recently sent out an email saying he fixed that bug which is awesome.

There was also an issue when we updated Joes article layout. All of the buttons on the homepage broke, so the only way to test things was by going directly to the user directories. This is not a problem since Joe said he was going to be redoing the entire layout of our homepage anyway.

The puzzle app is coming along great since they started. All they have left to do is to start the puzzle pieces off of the screen and once they do that we should be ready for polishing.


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